by Jane A Malkoff  MSN RN NP

It is reported only 45% of people make New Year resolutions and of that 45% only 8% succeed with their resolutions.   Frankly, these statistics are not too bad in the scheme of things.  Humans enter many endeavors with worse odds.  Plus, it isn’t about the immediate success so much as it is about the resilience and hope a resolution represents.  We could use more rituals focusing on resilience and hope.

In fact, I am a New Year resolution kind of person.  No, I am not looking to fail miserably year after year when not successful with every plan I had.  I simply believe strongly in the value of the human connection to the first day of Winter, the daylight hours becoming longer and the hope on the horizon just waiting for us to catch a glimpse so we can open more fully to the possibilities awaiting us.

This year I am going to concentrate with all I have on the following list.  Want to join me?  There are twelve to choose from  – one for each month!  I still have a few days to become a softer talker.  Wish me luck!

Talk – Softy

Eat – Sensibly

Breathe – Deeply

Sleep – Sufficiently

Dress – Smartly

Act – Fearlessly

Work -Patiently

Think – Creatively

Behave – Decently

Earn – Honestly

Save – Regularly

Spend – Intelligently

If you have a good resolution to share, I would love to know.  Please send to me at