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Clarity Care Givers provides care giving services assisting individuals with their daily needs and activities.  Our office is located in Fishers, Indiana.  We are passionate about our clients and understand our exceptional quality depends on hiring exceptional people.

If you are a team player who is eager to provide compassionate care and make a positive difference in your clients’ and co-workers’ lives, we’d love to hear from you!  Click Here to Apply


At Clarity, we handpick all employees based on integrity, compassion, and honesty


Responsibilities include: Medication assistance, light housekeeping, meal preparation, assisting with bathing and hygiene, companionship, safety, errands and assistance to appointments.

What Our Caregivers Are Saying:

“Caregiving is a humbling experience, and on a daily basis, I learn from those I’m able to serve. It’s also a reminder that life isn’t really about me, but that my tiny presence on the planet should serve as helpful to others. 

Alleviating someone’s pain, grief, anxiety, or loneliness is a profound, yet humbling, aspect of caregiving. It feels purposeful to me.

To that end, I love being a part of Clarity Care Givers. It’s not just a business or a place to call “work.” Clarity is an idea, a concept that each person it serves is a complete human being with many facets to their life. Clarity is an organization truly founded upon love and respect for those experiencing age- and/or health-related changes within the bigger picture of their entire life.

And Clarity respects and embraces those of us who call it our place of work. It is a privilege to call Clarity my work-home… A place where I aspire to be a tool for the change I wish to see in the world.”

– Suzanne Johnson

“I started looking for work after raising my three children. I was looking for a little something extra and needed to prepare for the empty nest. I also wanted to find something I could do that would make a difference.

My dad always said I was very compassionate and patient, and I believe everyone wants to be and deserves to be treated respectfully. Being a Caregiver is similar to being a mother in that it isn’t glamorous, it isn’t always easy emotionally or mentally, and certainly isn’t easy physically. But if you can care enough about others to put them before yourself, it is truly rewarding.

I responded to an ad Clarity placed looking for people with heart and compassion. Clarity offered flexible scheduling, which is something I wanted. They also gave me the opportunity to devote myself to a single client versus running around to multiple clients. I have had the chance to help many different people and learn so much.”

– Jewel Keizer

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