By Jane A Malkoff MSN RN NP

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought enormous uncertainty as well as fear, hunger, illness and loss of life.  When will it end?  What will come next?

In fairness to the situation, the pandemic has also brought enormous opportunity worth holding on to long after the current state of affairs becomes a tiny blip in human history.


  1. Awakening to life versus enduring life on a runaway train of daily tasks
  2. Attention turned to the care being given to those most vulnerable living in facilities
  3. Realization viruses are perfect analogies for politics and a cure is desperately needed

Finding opportunity in the midst of tragedy is not unusual.  History is filled with terrible tragedies such as war, famine and pandemic diseases.  This is not the first or the last of such horrific events and equally so this is not the first or the last of the stories of resilience and strength which will always accompany them.   Perhaps recovery and hope is rooted in the ability to recognize the opportunities at hand which can be found in each and every type of experience.  However, it is surely up to the individual to step up and in to the experience in hopes of learning from each one exactly what the opportunity is which resides there.

What could a Post COVID-19 World possibly look like?  Perhaps it could look like this;

Staying Awake to opportunity in the midst of the unknown in order to give overdue Attention to what ought to be top priority so that further Realization of the need for strong community can exist.